About me

The man behind the madness

I am famfo, a student from Germany, who works on open-source projects in his free time. I am interested in a variety of things, ranging from networking and programming low- and high level applications, like embedded chips and web apps, to making music and gaming.

I have started programming during the lock down in 2020, shortly after I jumped in the cold water by completely wiping Windows 10 off my PC, after I was very fed up by it using 25% CPU while idling, because the stupid Razer headset I had at the time conflicted with Windows drivers. I decided to install Linux then, which has lead me down some major rabbit holes. This was worth it though in my opinion, I have met a lot of cool people from various cool projects so far.

My operating system of choice, as I already stated, is Linux. I have tried some distributions so far: Ubuntu, Manjaro, Arch, Gentoo and Void, but so far I have always come back to using Arch Linux.

I am struggling with the will and motivation to complete projects as well as mental health, so I have a lot of half finished projects laying around. But I am working on fixing both of these things. Today’s world is always putting a lot of pressure on one, and I am not the best at coping with it.

A friend (lemon) and me have joined dn42 for fun, where we are maintaining the C4TG1RL5 network. If you have joined dn42, and are interested in peering with us, or want to check the services we provide, look on our project page.

Since this is just me writing down some things that crossed my mind when reworking my website, the thoughts and topics may not seem that connected. But this is how my mind usually works: total chaos. So thanks for taking some time out of your day and reading what some random person on the internet has to say c: