Uhh, title

Some stuff that I've been up to

August. School is gonna start again soon, probably the most important year there. I am not excited. Well, too bad, I will have to do it either way. So, what have I been spending my holidays on? Various things, none of them really productive. I have been expanding and stabilizing lemon’s and my dn42 network in the time I was in the Baltic states. There I have started a few projects and immediately abandoned them again. Back home I have spent a lot of time gaming. Between the gaming I have also done some useful stuff like setting up our own git with lemon and continuing work on some more important projects I have. Towards the end of the holidays I finally applied at a driving school.


Yes, I have installed Gentoo in the holidays. I got too much free time, and I was severely bored, so I rather watched code compile for two days and waste electricity than code something. I am fairly happy with it though, after I updated my dotfiles a bit. Still pretty useless to use though since installing something fast is basically not possible. Other than that the Rust toolchain has some minor issues on Gentoo, but some nice people wrote the rustup-gentoo program to help around that.


Yea, website, I am surprisingly happy with it. I still change the font and slim it down a bit since it is still around 700kb in total to load, which may not sound a lot, but German mobile data are a thing and if I can load my website on them, I am happy (yea, I worry about weird things). But hey one more website which is not utterly bloated and with no annoying JavaScript.