Winter is coming (hopefully)

Fuck climate change

Oh well, there I am again.


I am finally committing myself to Neo. I have greatly improved my typing speed in that time. I still have some issues with finding all the letters, but now the same is happening with qwertz, and I can’t really use it anymore. So now I am in the situation that I can’t really type fast on either layout.

But: this blog post has been entirely written in Neo.

Making my website boring again

I can’t find a nice background image, and the terminal has been a mess. That’s it. That is why I removed both of them again.

Mental health

I am struggling. That is as much as I want to say right now. This is a really bad time for me though, since I am finishing school this year.

I still want to give an update on that once in a while to just document what is going on with me, but I am not sure if this section will stay for long or I will pick it up again in the future.