Planless rambling

Aimlessly wandering through the world

I have redesigned the website… again.

I am somewhat missing a direction right now in everything I am doing, especially personal projects, like my website. If you know the Hundred Rabbits website, the theme and layout may look familiar. I have the feeling, that I am not able to create my own thing, and always leech on other peoples ideas, work and themes.

Motivation to work on projects is lacking, just like my motivation to actually work on my homework I get from school. Luckily, when I get an idea, and it brings results fast, I am able to keep myself motivated to work on something. This is how I got the motivation to steal rework my websites theme, or add image support to dn42chan.

I am are going towards a very stressful phase of life now. Christmas, a social event, getting my wisdom teeth removed and my Abitur. I have been able to get better at learning for school luckily.