Further website updates

"""Fun""" with CSS

What? Me working on something?

Yes, I have worked on something. A website makeover is finished, with 100% more CSS to slow your browser down!
You might have noticed a little terminal I made at the bottom of the page (which you can actually type in), with changing commands. This is done in 100% CSS. I want to thank Adir SL for this post which helped me massively during this. Furthermore, I finally managed to include the Ubuntu font properly, and I am finished redoing the color scheme of this site to not be just 2 colors. My spelling is probably still horrible, and I might one day get around to fixing that.

Something more personal with me being on holidays in the Baltic states right now: I noticed again how bad the entire Internet infrastructure is in Germany. Here is a free Wi-Fi on (almost) every campsite and in a lot of places in cities. It might not be fast, but a giant step up from not having internet at all.
But as we all know: “Das Internet ist für uns alle Neuland!”.