Peering with our network

This is how we setup our end of a dn42 peering. To learn more about our network topology, see the network design page.

BGP (with frr)


Our allowed IPs:

AllowedIPs = fd00::/8       # dn42 (fd00::/8), NeoNetwork (fd10:127::/32)
AllowedIPs =  # dn42
AllowedIPs =  # ChaosVPN
AllowedIPs =     # Freifunk (, NeoNetwork (

Our server

NameHostnameLocationIPv4Ipv6Port rangepeering IPv4peering IPv6 link-local
at-vie1frog.lemonsh.moeVienna, AustriaYesYes20000 - 29999172.23.196.33fe80::1411:1
us-pno1karx.xyzPlano, United StatesYesNo20000 - 29999172.23.196.37fe80::1411:2
fi-hel1srv07.mikr.usHelsinki, Finlandbehind NATYes20000 - 29999172.23.196.38fe80::1411:3
pl-klc1-Kielce, Polandbehind NATNoN/A172.23.196.39fe80::1411:4